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J Brown & Company
1390 Giles Rd.
Monroe, GA 30655
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Website Design & Development

Website design is our primary business. Creating a website can basically be broken down into two areas, the design and the development. The design is what you see, the development is what you don't see. For example, the design area focuses on the size, color, layout, graphics, and overall look and style to your site. The development site makes all things work, it is the programming behind the scenes work.

The types of websites we focus on are simple websites, content management systems (CMS), ecommerce websites, blogs and custom websites. We have laid out samples and descriptions of each type on our portfolio page.

Website Mission Statement:

Our goal is to help you or your organization have an effective website. We do that by introducing our experience to your business. We learn your business, customers, market, and your online goals, and with that begin to formulate a web strategy. Some goals we have:

  • Every website should have a purpose.
  • Your website is a billboard, you want it laid out in a clear effective manner to get your message across.
  • A user who visits your homepage should be able to answer,'who you are, what you do, why they should use your product or service, and how they can become a customer.
  • Creativity is good as long as it improves your image.

Tools & Skills

Software Tools

We use Adobe products for web design, graphic design, document production, and animations.


Programming Skills

AJAX, PHP, css, xhtml, html, xml, javascript

Database Skills


Web Server Skills

Linux FreeBSD Windows


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