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Ecommerce Website And Shopping Carts

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Do you want to sell products online? It may come as no surprise to learn that ecommerce is becoming the single most important tool a business can have. According to the statistics released by NetRatings, in the year 2007 alone, there were $102.1 Billion US dollars spent through eCommerce websites. This number was a 24% increase on 2006 and according to early releases of the 2008 statistics this number is set to increase by a further 30%, to over $130 Billion.

Selling products or services online is almost mandatory for businesses that have an offline presence, like a retail or wholesale business. An ecommerce website is simply an extension of your existing business into the ever-increasingly popular, online World of ecommerce. Apart from capturing new and untapped clients, when you go online it also allows your existing clients to browse your new catalog of products or services and wares, select them, placing them in a virtual shopping cart for later purchase. The visitor can then proceed to their checkout and process the transaction for the contents of the cart through your ecommerce website payment gateway. The funds from the sale are deposited immediately into your bank account and you can dispatch the order to the client as per your normal processes. The transaction that was processed through your ecommerce website is now complete and you are left wondering why you did not do this sooner. With ecommerce you gain more leads, more enquiries and more sales - increasing your bottom-line profits!

If you want to sell your products online? - We can help you!

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We can build you an ecommerce website that will be customized to suit your specific needs and requirements. We put together a complete ecommerce solution with a custom design and backend online store. An ecommerce website & online store is the perfect solution for your business if you want to sell goods and services online. We can input data into your ecommerce website and ensure that it is optimized for the search engines, meaning more exposure and more sales.

It is important for you to stand out online and gain an edge on your competition...ecommerce might be the perfect way for you to achieve those goals while increasing your profit margin. J Brown & Co has many years of experience building and developing ecommerce websites for businesses, small, medium and large and if you want a professional ecommerce website then we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Call J Brown Co now for a no-obligation consultation to discuss how an ecommerce website will work for you! 770-266-5849.

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